***For Fidelity associate use only and not for Fidelity client distribution.***

  • Individual stocks and bond portfolios
    • Customized for each client by their Principal.
    • Ability for high concentration with diversification
  • “Picky” clients are our niche
    • Can create portfolios with tailored impact themes
    • High touch customer service
  • Highly engaged approach to client relationships
    • 30 year old firm with strong client centric culture
    • “Boutique feel”
  • Direct access to Portfolio Managers
  • Financial services include:
    • Market research and analysis
    • Business owner succession advice
    • Retirement and estate planning
    • Tax planning & efficiency strategies (tax planning 72(t), NUA, threshold income streaming)
    • Option planning
    • Ex-pat/cross-border clients
    • Specialized care in transitions: death & divorce
    • Comprehensive in-house client service team
  • WAS Advisors since 2010
  • Fee schedule 1% on first $1M, breakpoints above. Fee schedule found here.
  • Minimum is $1M; however, enquire if part of broader business development

3 Brief Examples:

“Mr. G”

Opened $800K account with AHC

Dissatisfied with previous long-term manager, held several real estate partnerships

Wanted very conservative income focus

Facilitated exiting private equity to liquidate real estate partnerships, added $500k in Year 2

Transferred $1.5M Joint account in Year 3

“Dr. and Mrs. V”

Trust account worth $2M signed with AHC, after suffering large losses in market downturn, added personal and retirement accounts in Year 2

Prepared and revised retirement plan over several years

AHC gathered assets from CD ($50k), old 401(k)($100k), and property sale($2M)

Since move to North Carolina, transitioning muni bonds to NC from TX

Year 9 and Year 10 facilitated multiple stock donations to charity and children

“Mr. H”

Opened $1.2M account with AHC

Fidelity accounts static since inheritance years earlier

Large concentrated stock positions plus margin

Desires aggressive growth strategy

Proposed 3-year timeline to rebalance stock positions and spread out tax payments

Large six-figure margin debt eliminated in three-year timeline

Implemented large appreciated stock gift to charity in Year 1

Discussing management of additional $3 Million from anticipated inheritances